Somos fabricantes - Idehábita

We are manufacturers

Idehabita is a brand name owned by Dorma Diseño, S. L., manufacturers of furniture since 1988, which pursues excellence in the whole process of making furniture, from the choice of the raw materials until the assembly in your house.

Idehabita was created with the aim of getting anyone who goes to one of our points of sale to be attended to and advised by a professional who knows and performs the entire process of creating the furniture, in all cases avoiding any misunderstanding between You as clients and our company as producer, arriving at a mutual understanding in all circumstance.

Idehábita - de la fábrica a su hogar

From factory to home

Dorma Diseño, an avant-garde company using the most modern systems of production engineering, makes use of new technology so that right from the point of sale, our decorators, trained expressly in the production processes, are in direct contact with the client, creating a computerized made to measure furnishing project.


Using Idehabita3D, a software that allows you to recreate your real room in three dimensions, our interior decoration expert will help you to configure the furniture according to your needs and tastes, as well as making the adjustments that might be necessary for the chosen furniture to fit perfectly into your space, without this entailing any additional cost for you.


When the project is accepted, production is then activated at our plant, being fully automated, thereby achieving minimum production delay and an affordable price due to our efficiency.


Idehabita only uses the highest quality, materials for the manufacture of its furniture, creating unique pieces that are made only for you and that will be transported to your home and assembled by experts.

Idehabita belives that communication with its clients is most important and for that reason it puts at your disposal various different ways to send us your questions and comments, either through our website here, our social network sites or directly in our Idehabita stores or point of sale, spread throughout the nation. Know wich is your nearest store.

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