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Single bedrrom, study area, cornet closet

Ref.: IH214

A corner countertop in the center?


On this occasion we bring you a room for the smallest homes, a youth bedroom. We are used to a very “standard” environment structuring, but …

For this case we have chosen to place a corner countertop in the center of the composition. We have gone crazy! But if we analyze it, we are giving more functions to this element, since during the day we have a wide area of ​​study and at night it acts as a little table, everything perfectly harmonious and integrated. The chest, the arrangement of the 360º wheels allows us to move it throughout the room, including changing the access to the study area or the bed according to availability at any time.

Storage is something that worries us, and rightly so. To make the most of the space we have included a corner wardrobe, ideal to optimize the corner and provide extra storage. The game of the terminal is responsible for closing the continuity of the set, the utility and the differentiating touch to the room.

Rest is important, therefore beds have a great role when making a composition. We bring you a BASE30 bed, in which we can place springs or core mattresses, you already have a breathable base option, activating some aerators in the base. The backrest prevents the wall from getting dirty, also transmitting a certain “warmth” at bedtime. As space is paramount, the space under the bed is completed with drawers.

A very important aspect is ergonomics, this is the most comfortable way for each person. Although you can also do it with the other elements, such as the countertop, shelf height, etc.

As we have seen a composition, a task, an important task, not only the aesthetic, but because we have to take into account the needs that each one has, thinking even in the smallest detail, taking into account the concept of multifunctionality.



Single bedroom