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Cama de doble función

Referencia: IH085

A bed with double function

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On this occasion we will present an option that will leave you speechless. Apparently we have created a youthful composition with a current touch, which at first glance may not be anything different, but the bed has a double function.

The juvenile room is a small fortress for the kings of the house, a place where they spend much of their time, whether resting, playing, studying or hanging out with friends. Therefore, it is important that you have the necessary functionalities to carry it out. In this case the bed is not limited to rest, it also becomes a sofa! It also has a 360 ° wheels, allowing you to move it anywhere in the room, and to see that we do not miss any detail, the fixing of the wheels is done in rotation and translation, this means that once you are powered the brake, the bed will not move in any direction, it will be totally fixed.

We can also appreciate that it is not necessary to fill the furniture room, first think what you are going to need and then use your imagination to create a perfect environment, totally personalized and adapted to your needs.

Remember that nobody better than you knows what you need: create, adapt and make your imagination fly through your home.

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Single bedroom