The Idehabiles

Your made to measure furniture without paying more

Every space in your house is unique and in Idehabita we think that your furniture has to adapt to them and not the other way, as it usually happens in other stores.

Therefore, we have devised a form of furnishing it that you do not expect and that will change the way you can imagine your own home.

Our peculiar personnel, the Idehabiles, are going to take care of it. We tell you how to:

Why do you need a made to measure furniture?

When furnishing our home, we have traditionally opted to buy furniture manufactured in series due to the high cost of made to measure manufacturing. This meant that the use of the space in our home was not optimized and that even aesthetically we did not obtain the result that we wanted.

Idehabita has arrived to change this situation. As manufacturers, we are involved in the complete cycle of designing, manufacturing and even delivering and installing the furniture that a perfectly built to fit your spaces and needs

We have a great help: the Idehabiles

Small being who specialized in measuring, cutting and assembling the furniture you need. The move like fish in water in the rooms with radiators, columns and windows.

The more complicated it is, the better they like it!

Their reward: your satisfaction and the comfort of those who live in your home.

Tailored in every way


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